Support FTC

FTC provided over $27,516 in support to the schools last year. We can’t provide that support without the help of the District 48 community. Many ways you can support FTC don’t require you to write a check. So, please consider any or all of these options to help out the District 48 schools.



1. Clip Box Tops
Every label you clip and save earns money and supplies for the schools. FTC raised over $800 last year from Box Tops. Ask family and neighbors if they are willing to clip Box Tops and give them to you – every bit helps!


2. Amazon Smile
If you shop on Amazon, consider going to Amazon Smile before you shop. Point your browser to,  search for “Salt Creek School District 48 Families Teachers Children” and select that as the charity you wish to support. Set up only has to be done once. Most of Amazon’s products are available through this address, it uses your Amazon account, and you retain Prime or other benefits.  


3. Match Your Donation
Did you make a donation to FTC at the start of the year? Do you or your spouse work for a large corporation? If so, you may be able to match your donation, or have your company donate an equal amount to what you gave. Please contact Holly Sloan at for further information.


4. Donate Concession Items

Concessions items are sold at FTC events and school sports games, often earning FTC double the money you paid - a great way to get value out of your donation. Most concessions items can be purchased at GFS, Costco or Sam’s Club. Donations are tax deductible. We need the following items, all packaged for individual sale:
° Gatorade Bottles
° Airheads Extreme or Sour Patch Kids
° Starburst or Skittles
° Oreos
° Water bottles
° Goldfish
° Other nut-free candy/snack items
Contact Julie Tobias w/Questions at

5. Connect Us With Someone Who Co
uld Support FTC
Gift certificates, raffle prizes and monetary donations are always appreciated, and they are tax deductible. If you are interested in making a donation or know an individual or business that might make a donation, we would love to talk to them about it. Please contact Jessica Lindeen (


6. Volunteer Your Time and Talent

If you complete a Volunteer Information Form, you will be contacted when a volunteer opportunity that meets your interests or talents arises. You can contact Maria Valdivia ( to discuss further volunteer opportunities. Even an hour or two of your time helps!



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Interested in Sponsoring FTC?

FTC has many sponsorship opportunities for businesses, organizations and individuals. Please visit our "Support FTC" tab and you will find a "Sponsors" page. If you would like to sponsor Family STEAM Night event, teacher requests or FTC Cares you can do so here.


Get text reminders about FTC events and activities! To opt-in, send a text to 608-709-0934 with the message: @dist48ftc