Leadership Council Contacts

Executive Board

Sloan, Holly – hsloan@saltcreek48.org
Co-President; Communications; Sponsorships; Welcome Committee; New Initiatives


Tobias, Julie – jtobias@saltcreek48.org
Co-President; Back to School Social; Family Trivia Night; Holiday Shoppe; New Initiatives; Concessions


Liotta, Jennifer – jliotta@saltcreek48.org
Vice President, SC; Box Tops; School Supply Kit Fundraiser; Back to School Social


Boyd, Misty – mboyd@saltcreek48.org
Vice President, SMS; Year End Celebration; Holiday Shoppe; Welcome Committee; Family Trivia Night; FTC Cares


Corsini, Jeannie – jcorsini@saltcreek48.org
Vice President, AMS; Communications


Irmen, Kelly – kirmen@saltcreek48.org
Secretary; Box Tops; New Initiatives


Kumar, Deepa – dkumar@saltcreek48.org
Treasurer; Enchanted Evening Dance; Holiday Shoppe; Fundraising Coordinator; Sports Concessions


Leadership Council

Altott, Kelly – kaltott@saltcreek48.org
Spiritwear Coordinator


Baker, Jill – jbaker@saltcreek48.org
FTC Cares


Beckwith, Kate – kbeckwith@saltcreek48.org
Volunteer Coordinator; Teacher Appreciation; Back to School Social; Family Trivia Night


Crowther, Priscilla – pcrowther@saltcreek48.org
Sports and More! Year End Celebration


Elguezabal, Julie – jelguezabal@saltcreek48.org
Event Photographer


Franco, Sarah – sfranco@saltcreek48.org
Teacher Appreciation


Gustafson, Kelli – kgustafson@saltcreek48.org
Room Party Coordinator, Swartz


Gubert, Mariella – mmartinez@saltcreek48.org
Event Photographer


Gwaltney, Julie – jgwaltney@saltcreek48.org
Bookfairs Coordinator; Celebration of the Arts


Harrison, Tiffany – tharrison@saltcreek48.org
School Board Liaison; Fundraiser Coord; Welcome Committee; Back to School Social


Kingsbury, Jeanne – jkingsbury@saltcreek48.org
FTC Cares; Taste of Dist. 48; Welcome Committee; Family Trivia Night


Kozbial, Renata – rkozbial@saltcreek48.org
Teacher Appreciation

LoCoco, Sara
– slococo@saltcreek48.org
Room Party Coordinator, SC


Martinello, Jaime – jmartinello@saltcreek48.org


Mazeika, Laura – lmazeika@saltcreek48.org
Events Asst


Middleton, Amy – amiddleton@saltcreek48.org
Welcome Committee


Miller, Laura  – lmiller@saltcreek48.org
Holiday Shoppe; New Initiatives


Ocampo, Amy – aocampo@saltcreek48.org
Social Media Coord; Graphic Design; Back to School Social


Radak, Kristy – kradak@saltcreek48.org
FTC Cares


Railing, John – jrailing@saltcreek48.org
Celebration of Mind; Family Science Night


Rattana, Stacy – srattana@saltcreek48.org
Spring Fling Dance


Rothenburger, Amanda – arothenburger@saltcreek48.org
Asst Treasurer; New Initiatives; FTC Cares; Family Trivia Nte


Syed, Salma – ssyed@saltcreek48.org
Back to School Social; Teacher Appreciation


Tauchen, Kristin – ktauchen@saltcreek48.org
Dine Outs Coordinator





Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

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