2018/2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

We have 2 sponsorship opportunities for the 2018/2019 school year.


A) Animal Extravaganza -  This event is being held on October 10, 2018 and is designed to promote a love of and appreciation for animals. We have Animals for Awareness coming to allow the kids to see wild and exotic animals up close and to experience a show with the animals. In addition, we are planning a police dog display, rescue group information and other animal-themed exhibitors and information tables, as well as animal-themed crafts and games. Teaching kids to appreciate animals allows them to develop needed social skills and to learn about caring for animals. An added bonus: being up close with a hedgehog and a lizard.  Who wouldn’t want that?


B) Family Science Night - will be held on March 6, 2019. At this event, children experiment with hands-on science activities that test ideas, solve problems and teach families about the science around us. We focus on STEM activities such as learning about robots from the Chicago Robotics Club, viewing germs under a microscope and creating “worms” to show the wonders of polymers. Sponsorships help us fund some additional exhibits, such as a show from Ben the Bubble Guy or Mr. Science. Sponsorships in excess of what we need for the event are used to purchase science equipment for the three district schools. Attendance for this popular event is typically around 200-250 people.


Sponsorships can be made by going to FTC Sponsorship Form




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